Your carefully cultivated landscape is a collection of living organisms. To keep them looking their vibrant, flourishing best takes a little TLC. That’s why yard maintenance at NOVA Landscape & Design starts with care – for your property, your home, and the trees, plants, and grasses that bring life to your outdoor space.

Great yard maintenance starts with great care.

The tasks involved in professional yard maintenance include trimming plants and trees in ways that benefit their wellbeing, as well as maintaining the health of the soil in which they grow. Much of the benefit to be gained from professional yard maintenance happens in your planting beds – where edging, mulching, weeding, and cleaning set the stage for a healthy landscape. Let our expert team maintain the ecosystem in your yard so that you never have to worry about it. That way, the only time you’ll focus on your yard will be your time spent appreciating it.

Making your Life Easier

In addition to providing honest service and following best practices, we also take an educational approach. If you want to do more on your own to keep your lawn or outdoor space looking its best, we’re happy to help you play a bigger role. Of course, if you just want us to take care of everything so you don’t even have to think about your trees and plants, we’re here to serve you. Whatever makes your life easier is best for us!

Earth-Friendly Options

With two generations of experience in the landscaping industry, we’ve seen the impact of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the environment. In addition to using organic soil conditioners and fertilizers in our work, we also make organic yard products available through our Garden Center so that homeowners can control weeds and pests. These include Jonathan Green, Espoma, and other organic product lines.

Northern Virginia Landscaping Expertise

Preserving the beauty, health, and longevity of your landscape takes knowledge of the species and natural systems making up your lawn. NOVA Landscape takes a methodical approach to your property’s maintenance, taking soil quality, irrigation, and environmental issues into consideration. From trees and shrubs to turf and gardens, we safeguard your landscape investment and customize your maintenance plan based on our extensive experience in Northern Virginia.

Proven Lawn Maintenance Products

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Just submit your contact information, and a designer will be in contact with you within 48 hours to set up a time to meet. Based on your conversation, a design will be created for your project, along with a detailed estimate sheet. Please note that our minimum yearly contract for maintenance is $1,000, and there may be a $20 consultation fee depending on the scope of work

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