Earn Free Yard Maintenance!

We appreciate having so many people like you choose NOVA Landscape for their home landscaping projects. The highest compliment we can receive is a referral from you of a friend or family member. Your positive feedback in the form of referrals keeps our business going! To thank you for your referrals, we have created what we call the "World's Greatest Referral Rewards Program."

The more you share, the more you earn!

We know how busy you are, so we created a program to MAINTAIN YOUR YARD for you, for FREE!!! It's easy and simple. You’ll earn 30 minutes of FREE yard maintenance for every 3 referrals. Share us with 6 friends or family members and receive 1 hour of FREE yard maintenance. 12 referrals will earn you 2 hours of FREE yard maintenance.

Earn more without lifting a finger.

Referrals are just the beginning. For every one of your referrals who requests an estimate, you’ll receive an additional 30 minutes of FREE yard work. And there’s still more! For every friend that signs a contract to have NOVA Landscape & Design complete a project on their yard, you will receive 2 more hours of FREE yard work. To top it all off, thanks to your referral, your friend will receive a HUGE discount on their new landscaping project.

Put our team to work.

You can use your FREE gardener however you like. Need weeds pulled? We have you covered. Overgrown bushes need to be trimmed? We can handle that too. How about spreading mulch around your planting beds? Not a problem. Why spend your time and elbow grease maintaining your yard when we can do it for you?

It’s all online!

Your referrals are tracked using our online referral software, no there’s no paper to track or forms to send in. It's all digital. So, start referring your Northern Virginia friends, family members, and neighbors today.

For more information, sign up at http://novalandscapedesign.irecommendafriend.com or use the Join Now form found on this page to start earning rewards today!

Thank you so much for your continued support.
Here's to never pulling another weed again!

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