Ways You Can Use a Pergola or Pavilion in Your Outdoor Space

An outdoor fireplace with comfortable seating contained under a vaulted ceiling porch with skylights.

Pergolas and pavilions are two popular outdoor living space design features that can add style, shade, and function to your backyard. Here are some differences between pergolas and pavilions in terms of their uses:

  1. Pergolas: A pergola is an open-air structure that usually consists of columns or posts supporting crossbeams and an open lattice or roof. Pergolas are often used to define an outdoor space, provide shade, and create an intimate or romantic setting. They can be used to support climbing plants or provide a focal point for a backyard. Pergolas are also popular for covering outdoor dining areas, seating areas, and hot tubs.
  2. Pavilions: A pavilion is a freestanding structure with a roof and open sides. Pavilions are often larger than pergolas and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. They are great for providing shelter from the sun, wind, and rain, making them ideal for outdoor living and dining areas, outdoor kitchens, and lounging areas. Pavilions can also be designed to include lighting, ceiling fans, and outdoor heaters, making them comfortable year-round.

In summary, pergolas are typically smaller and are used to create an intimate or romantic outdoor setting, while pavilions are often larger and are more versatile, making them ideal for a range of outdoor activities. The choice between a pergola and a pavilion ultimately depends on your personal style and the intended use of your outdoor living space.

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