Composite Decking: Trex vs. Fiberon

Composite Decking? No Question.

Without a doubt, adding a composite deck is a spectacular way to increase the value of your home while adding to your enjoyment of your space. A well-designed deck will give you more functional area for entertaining, grilling, or just relaxing. And thanks to innovative composite materials, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or damage from the elements. Compared to pressure-treated wood, composite decking lasts longer and is impervious to natural threats, including wind, water, mold, insects, UV Rays, and stains. While the benefits of composite decking are consistent across the industry, all materials are not created equal. Here we’d like to outline our reasons for choosing Fiberon for our projects over Trex and other brands on the market.

Going Beyond for the Planet

Both Trex and Fiberon make products from recycled materials that are diverted from the waste stream. That’s a desirable characteristic of composite decking materials in general. As a company, however, Fiberon knocks it out of the park concerning environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. Its long-performing products are safe, urea formaldehyde-free, and able to be recycled again after use. The company reclaims the lion’s share of material waste from its manufacturing process. It also uses an energy-efficient manufacturing process and a closed-loop water-cooling system to minimize water waste.


Fiberon has a history of firsts – the first multi-tonal and embossed decking boards, the first hidden fastener system, and the industry’s first stain-and-fade warranty for capped composites. This industry-leading brand is consistently pushing the envelope in its devotion to being the source of the best-looking, best-performing composite decking available.


When you’re choosing a building material for your home, value is key. Fiberon offers value and style at every price point without compromising quality. While Trex makes an excellent-quality premium product, its lower-level products are inconsistent in durability and value. The difference in price across product lines is minimal, but the sacrifice in quality is significant.

Customer Support

Fiberon has spectacular customer service and support, and it’s become the brand of choice for decking professionals as a result. According to customer reviews and firsthand contractor experiences, Trex simply doesn’t offer the level of customer support that their competitor has been able to deliver.

Customer Satisfaction

It only takes a Google search to uncover a long history of customer complaints about one of these two companies. Though most homeowners are initially pleased with the results of their Trex decking projects, many of them report that it didn’t take long for warping, mold, stains, cracking, and peeling to begin to appear. Problems you wouldn’t expect to see in composite materials seem to plague decks built with the brand’s products.


While Trex offers a 25-year Limited Residential Warranty, every item in the Fiberon product line is backed by a 25-year Stain & Fade Warranty, as well as a Limited Residential Warranty. The length of the Limited Residential Warranty varies depending on the product line(s) installed in your project. More importantly, the company honors its warranties and responds to customer claims and inquiries quickly and respectfully.

Our Trusted Choice as Contractors: Fiberon

At NOVA Landscape & Design, we build composite decks to last. To ensure the best all-around quality possible, we carefully select and install the most reliable products on the market, delivered by companies that stand by their work. We’ve experienced firsthand the extraordinary quality and durability of Fiberon decking, and we’re confident that, over time, you’ll be as happy with our choice of Fiberon as we are!

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