Curb Appeal Shortcuts

Added curb appeal is a big benefit of any custom landscaping project. When you bring in a professional designer to evaluate your property, help you choose plants, and complete a professional installation, you’re making an investment in the long-term comfort and value of your home.

When planning any landscaping project, you should plan for big returns. But just because a professional project will add value to your house doesn’t mean you can’t contribute on your own. Here are a few steps you can take to further improve the curb appeal of your home at any stage, no matter how much help you’ve had from the professionals.

Setting Up Symmetry

The human eye loves symmetry. If your softscaping is looking lopsided, think about adding an easy-to-care-for tree to balance out your home’s appearance. Make your front door the focal point of your facade, then frame it with accents that lead potential visitors right through it. An inviting entry enhances curb appeal and inspires onlookers to imagine what things look like inside.

Mailbox Makeover

Does your post box stick out like a sore thumb? You can transform it into a cohesive element of your landscape with a weekend’s work. First, consider whether you want to replace your normal old box with a sophisticated, artistic, or whimsical variety. Once you’ve nailed down the box, surround it with a garden bed full of flowers or low-maintenance plants. Your newly revived mail receptacle will blend in with the rest of your beautiful property.

Enlightening Outdoor Lighting

Does your home look beautiful in the daylight, then sort of disappear after dark? By simply adding landscape or in-ground lighting, you can make your property shine 24 hours a day. Outdoor lighting isn’t just practical; it accents the character of your home and adds a whole new dimension to its appearance.

Healing your Hardscaping

Winter weather can be surprisingly tough in Northern Virginia, and all that freezing and thawing wreaks havoc on hardscaping. If you have painted surfaces, take the time to touch them up each spring. Don’t be afraid to repair your brick patio; just gather a few friends for a day in the dirt. Rent or buy a power washer to spray away all the salt and residue that’s collected on your outside surfaces during the colder months. If things are looking really rough, though, be sure to get an estimate from a local hardscaping professional. The goal is to protect your investment, and the benefits of DIY end right where you start feeling out of your depth.

Perked-up Planter Beds

If your garden beds are looking tired and worn out, there are plenty of affordable ways to dress them up. Think about easy tweaks that could be made to your softscaping and hardscaping. Prune those plants, pull the weeds, and add new mulch to bring new vibrancy to your garden beds. Then take a look at the border. A simple cleaning can do wonders, though upgrading to a finer finish is always an option. No beds? Add one to add value to your whole home!

Impression-Setting Staging

Putting your house on the market? Chances are that you’re at least considering hiring a professional home stager. Skipping staging can be a missed opportunity to show your home in the best light, leaving money on the table. But whether you have the rooms of your house staged or not, don’t forget the view of your house that gives potential buyers their first impression — the exterior! By preparing your home for sale both indoors and out, you’ll maximize the all-important first impression and get more eyes on your property.

Ready to bring in the big guns?

If you’re ready to maximize your home’s curb appeal but don’t want to do it yourself, NOVA Landscape & Design would be delighted to lend a hand. Just fill in our quick online form, send it our way, and we’ll be in touch within a day. It will be our pleasure to put our 20 years of Northern Virginia hardscaping and softscaping expertise to work bringing the yard of your dreams to life.

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